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Committee Meeting Schedules

Bankruptcy Wednesday before docket date at noon
Bar-o-Meter 1st Thursday at noon
Business Law 1st Thursday at noon
Civil Practice 1st Wednesday at noon
CLE 4th Tuesday at noon
Criminal Practice 4th Wednesday at noon
Estate Planning and Probate 1st Tuesday at noon
Ethics 3rd Thursday at 3:00 p.m.
Family Law 2nd Wednesday at 4:00 p.m.
Fee Dispute 3rd Wednesday at noon
Juvenile Law 4th Thursday at noon at Juvenile Court
Law in Education 2nd Wednesday at noon
Lawyers Assistance 1st Wednesday at 4:00
Legislative Oct-Dec: 2nd Monday at noon
Jan-Apr: 2nd & 4th Mondays at noon
Medical Legal Quarterly (July, Oct, Jan, April) 1st Monday at noon
Membership 3rd Monday at noon
Professional Diversity 1st Tuesday at noon
Public Relations 2nd Wednesday at noon
Real Estate 1st Monday at noon
Service To The Bar 1st Tuesday at noon
Summer Intern 2nd Thursday at noon
Technology 4th Thursday at noon, bi-monthly
(Aug Oct Dec Feb Apr June)
Unauthorized Practice of Law Last Tuesday at noon (TBA)

Meeting Location

All committees meet at the WBA offices at 225 North Market, Wichita, Kansas, in the first floor conference rooms except Juvenile Law.

Food Service

Committee members meeting at noon at the WBA offices will be served a catered lunch. The price for lunch is $10.00.