The Wichita Bar Association was incorporated in 1915. Since that time it has been dedicated to promoting the highest standards of professionalism within the legal community. The WBA is committed to providing member and community services that promote learning, respect and appreciation of the law and the administration of justice. 

Wichita Bar Association Partnering With Wichita Eagle in Conducting a Judicial Survey


The Wichita Bar Association has again partnered with the Wichita Eagle in conducting a judicial survey to educate the public on the qualifications of sitting judges and judicial candidates in the 18th Judicial District. The survey will allow attorneys in the area, who have professional knowledge of and experience with the judges and the candidates, to participate in the online evaluations. The survey will be available on the WBA website from June 5, 2018 through June 27, 2018. 

To participate in the survey, current WBA members must be logged on using their username (supreme court number) and password. Non-member attorneys must contact the WBA to obtain a username and password. Members and non-members will click on the menu item "Judicial Survey 2018" on the WBA home page and follow the instructions. Participants will be able to evaluate each judge and candidate once. The supreme court numbers will be used to verify participants are attorneys and only respond once. They will not be linked to individual responses. The survey is confidential. 

If you need password assistance or have problems, please contact the WBA office, at 263-2251. ext. 100. 

To ensure the integrity of the survey, please only evaluate judges and candidates if you have professional knowledge and experience with them. 

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