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The Wichita Bar Association’s Clean Slate Day, held on March 4, 2016, allowed hundreds of people to obtain expungements at no cost.  We have continued to process expungements for many people who turned in an information form that day.  Unfortunately, the need for this assistance has proven to be overwhelming and now our project has run its course.  We do not have the resources to continue to offer this assistance. At this time, the Wichita Bar Association has no plans to conduct another Clean Slate Day.  If you completed a personal information form that day, it will be destroyed and we will not retain your personal information other than your name and address.

Here are other ways you can try to obtain an expungement:

1. You can prepare your own expungement pleadings and submit them to the local district attorney or city prosecutor.  If your conviction was in Sedgwick County or the City of Wichita, you can find forms at the following websites: (sample motions and orders for convictions, diversion, and arrest records) (expungement forms for juvenile adjudications, adult convictions, adult diversions, and arrests)

2. Other expungement forms are available through the Kansas Judicial Council at

3. You can contact an attorney of your choice to inquire about expungements.  The WBA offers the Find a Lawyer service to assist you with finding an attorney - Click Here

4. For legal assistance outside the Wichita area, you may wish to contact the Kansas Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service at, call 800/928-3111, or send an email to

5. Kansas Legal Services also provides expungement help to those who qualify for low-income assistance.  You can contact KLS by going to or you can call 800/723-6953.

Filing fees for obtaining an expungement can vary from court to court.  As of today, the filing fee for the City of Wichita expungements is $90/case and for Sedgwick County District Court $195/case.


I'm trying to get my driver's license reinstated. Will an expungement help me do that?

Probably not. Whether your driver's license is suspended is an administrative matter handled by the Kansas Department of Revenue, and it has its own rules as to when and how it will suspend or reinstate your license.

I received an expungement. How soon will the conviction be off my record?

It takes some time for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation to process the expungement notifications that it receives. It may take several weeks before your record is "clear." If you received an expungement through Clean Slate Day or around that time, it may take longer simply due to the number of expungements that the KBI will receive at one time.

Can you help me hire an attorney?

WBA does not give direct referrals to our members, but we do have a Find a Lawyer service available on the home page of the Wichita Bar Association's website ( Note:  The Find a Lawyer service is not a free or reduced fee service.

Will the Wichita Bar Association sponsor additional Clean Slate Days in the future?

At this time, the Wichita Bar Association has no plans to conduct another Clean Slate Day.

Additional Resources

Kansas Legal Services - Expungement Facts

Kansas Judicial Council - Expungement Forms


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