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LexisNexis® Patron Access

Access to Lexis Advance for 30 Days or Until May 31st (whichever is shorter)
Note:  After May 31st, the link provided below will no longer function

Legal professional and public community patrons will be afforded access to Lexis Advance® to conduct research on the cases, codes, and secondary resources needed for their legal work and personal legal research.

LexisNexis® Patron Access


Following the below-referenced link will allow patrons to register themselves for online research access and receive their own temporary ID providing them immediate access to research services.


An ID creation document is provided in the event that patrons have questions regarding the ID creation process.  Click here to access the ID Creation Document.


IDs created using this link will have access to Lexis Advance for 30 days or until May 31st (whichever is shorter). After May 31st this link will no longer function and we ask that you remove it at that time unless notified to do otherwise.

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