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The Wichita Bar Association provides the public a resource tool for searching members of the Wichita Bar Association who have chosen to participate in the Find a Lawyer service.  The public is able to search for an attorney by the area of law that best describes their legal issue.  Note:  At times the WBA may not have participating attorneys available in all areas of law.  This will result in "No records matched your search criteria."  If you receive this message, there are additional resources available on the WBA's website under Public Resources/Legal Assistance.

The search results will provide contact information, a short biography, as well as additional information about the attorney's availability for appointments, initial consultation fee, willingness to make a "house call" to assist the elderly, and if the attorney will visit the county jail or other correctional facilities.

It is the responsibility of the public to make contact with the attorney after reviewing the information made available.  The Wichita Bar Association is unable to advise the public on what "area of law" their legal issue may be associated with.  The Wichita Bar Association is also unable to discuss the cost of consultation, fees or payment arrangements. This discussion is reserved for the attorney who is contacted.


The purpose of this “Find a Lawyer” service is to provide the public a resource tool for searching members of the Wichita Bar Association who have chosen to participate in the “Find a Lawyer” service. All the information on the website’s Public Resources menu ( is published in good faith and for general information purpose only.   The Wichita Bar Association does not make any representations or warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information.  Any action you take based upon the information you find when using the “Find a Lawyer” service is strictly at your own risk.  The Wichita Bar Association will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with the use of this service.  The information provided does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice.  

Participants in the “Find a Lawyer” service include lawyers admitted to practice in Kansas.  The additional states in which participating lawyers are licensed to practice are indicated within each lawyer’s profile.

Please note: You should not seek out and use the email address or postal addresses of the attorneys participating in the “Find a Lawyer” service or any other firm addresses to provide confidential or sensitive information until you have spoken with one of the attorneys so that the attorney can confirm that representing you will not create a conflict of interest and you have been authorized to send that information to that attorney.  


By using the Wichita Bar Association’s “Find a Lawyer” service, you hereby consent to our DISCLAIMER and agree to its terms.

Click here to view a listing of legal issues and their associated area of law.  You will then return to this page to make your selection.

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